StEP UP to

Jesus' plan for having harmonious and loving families 

Based on The Beatitudes

Over 4 million parents have taken the S.T.E.P. course developed by Step Publishers which Len teaches plus he shows parents how to   model the behaviors Jesus taught in the Beatitudes.


Stregthen your child's faith by modeling the behaviors of JESUS 
 Model the Beatittudes

Can you find another parenting course that teaches parents, and anyone interested how to live the Beatitudes at home, work,  and in your community?



   ​​​​TIME - Imagine no more time aurguing, listening to whiny or combative kids, fighting with your child to do chores, homework, practice instrument, eat their food and the list goes on of what you will not have to waste your time on. Be able to enjoy time  one on one with child. Gain time to do the things you enjoy doing as a family. This is not a dream, this can be your reality.                              
 ​Imagine​ ...                                                                       
​       These gifts for your children which through S.T.E.P. (Systematic Training for Effective
 Parenting) plus StEP UP with the Beatitude program, you introduce yourself and your child to the Beatitudes - with the  
 Gifts, Fruits, and Blessings:

  • Peace of Mind and Contentment
  • Harmonious Relationships
  • Self-Control (Meekness)
  • Self- Awareness (Humility)
  • Wisdom
  • Affirmation
  • Authentic Self-Love
  • Open, Honest, and Sharing Relationships
  • Ability to Transform People and Situations
  • Serenity
  • Community and Abundance

   S.T.E.P. is a process by which the parent and child gift each other with the above blessings. It begins at birth with the parent affirming the child with unconditional love. Since the child has a "childlike trust" in the parent, they learn to affirm.



​​  ​   

The seven chapters covered in the workbook 

WEEK 1  - Read/Watch Webinar    
                     1. Understanding Yourself & Your Child 

              2. Consequences of Other Parenting
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Week 2 - Read/Watch Webinar    
                     3. Encouraging Your Child and Yourself
                     4. Listening & Talking to You Child 
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Week 3 - Read/Watch Webinar  
                     5. Helping Children Cooperate

                     6. Discipline That Makes Sense
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​Week 4 -  Read/Watch Webinar        
                     7. Choosing Your Approach
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    *​live weekly discussions  will  be  recorded         

C​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ourse Dates
  • Sept 18  to  Oct. 14
  • Oct,16 to Nov. 11
  • ​Nov. 13 to Dec. 9

​Accepting Registration for
September 18- Oct 14
​Space is Limited


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Meet Your Teacher

Trainer, Author, Toastmaster, Husband, Father of 7, Grandfather 26, Great Grandfather - 32

   Len Corcoran - Professional trainer in business management for over 45 years which uses many of the same tools used in STEP parenting course. Taught Step course over 34 years. He has used STEP tools with his own 7 children, 26 grandchildren and 34 great grandchildren.

Len is author of The Beautitudes - 9 Steps to Self-Authentic Love - Concern for Christ 24/7
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 Parenting Program for Time Strapped Parents


took the STEP Parenting Program offered by Len to help develop my parenting skills. The program was easy to understand, and I was immediately able to apply it in my relationship with my daughter. I saw positive results that have had a lasting impact. Additionally, I was also able to use the fundamentals I leaned from STEP in my career, my marriage, and my friendships. I would recommend this program to anyone interested in growing their interpersonal relationships. ​​​​
Emily G., Birmingham, AL


We have made our online parenting course parent friendly.

  • No babysitter needed 
  • You watch on your schedule
  • Read two chapters a weekin workbook - easy reading
  • Weekly webinar adds valuable insights
  • Live discussion session weekly - Recorded
          Talk with other parents & Len

  Over 4 million parents have taken the S.T.E.P. course developed by Step Publishers which Len teaches plus he matches parenting and child behaviors with the behaviors Jesus taught in the Beatitudes.

  Along with the valuable insight you will learn in this course, you have the opportunity to discuss, ask questions, receive clarification, and will be able to submit problems you are dealing with at home during the weekly sessions.  The time for these sessions will be determined by the parents.
Space is limited for each course


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" I felt you were writing about my own children! It's wonderful how my respecttoward them has taught them to talk to me with respect also. -
Renee W. Malae, Parent, Matheson Head Start, Salt Lake Utah
The Parent's Handbook has given me entirely new perspective on how to deal with my children, as well as my husband."
Parent Saratoga Springs, New York

​From Step Publishers Website

For Employers, Employees, Grandparents, Spouses, Etc.
Wanting to be a model of The Beatitudes
and learn how to make it a reality
Communication is Everyones Answer
  Skilled learned here work with employees,
  friends, marriages, and more.
Three Testamonies:
1.   Business Excutive able to solve a
     labor dispute using parenting skill
                    learned in this course in one
   afternoon as others had failed to 
                    solve the problem for a week.
2.  Len was able to save three marriages
     in one year using the parenting    
3. Employee able to transform raging
    workaholic boss to one who began to
       take feedback and ended up promoting
                   him all by incorporating these
  parenting skills with his behavior.


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