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Jesus' plan for having harmonious and loving families 

Success Story

Len Corcoran

​​​​My wife and I had seven children, born from 1954 through 1962.  The late sixties and early seventies were difficult times for us.  Our parenting skills were swinging back and forth according to the latest expert.  Then in 1972, our youngest child was electrocuted and drown in Lake Michigan.  Three years later my wife died.  I struggled with a career and teen-agers.
            I became Director of Training for an insurance company.  My Assistant was in Parents without Partners and served as the Director of Education.  She asked me to conduct some courses, and in looking over their program schedule, I saw S.T.E.P.  I attended the course and immediately started facilitating.
            When my youngest daughter and her two boys came to live with me, I used S.T.E.P. with them.  It was almost miraculous.  The two boys are 25 and 23 now.  They are the most self-controlled, self-evaluating, and self-managed young men I know.  Both hold managerial jobs and apply the S.T.E.P. skills with their employees.
​ I once facilitated S.T.E.P. for a church group.  72 parents signed up!  I broke them into eight groups and appointed discussion leaders at each table.  About the third or fourth session, couples kept coming up to me saying, “Our children are learning the skills faster than we are!”  It is truly a win-win program.
            I am now an independent consultant.  During the past 12 months, I’ve had two client company employees share that they were leaving their spouses.  Since they had children, and were experiencing parenting as well as marital problems; I gave them a copy of the handbook and suggested they share it with their spouse.  In both cases, the skills not only worked with the children, but they started to use them with each other.  They are now back together and thriving!
            As one manager once said to me after I asked his wife how the S.T.E.P. was working with their children – “It works well with employees, too!”

Len has spent over 35 years teaching on the win-win behaviors and the S.T.E.P.  program that has brought much success in achieving the goal of transforming families into happy, cooperative, loving teams.

Len is the best at what he does - He teaches -​​​​​​​​​What Works whether it be in Business, Sales, giving Presentations, Parenting, or being a True Follower of Christ

Read his own personal story as a father, grandfather, trainer and great grandfather and how S.T.E.P. transformed his life, his families life and others.

The Beatitudes - 9 Steps to Authentic Self Love - Concern for Christ 24/7.. Len's latest book he will incorporate  into the parenting S.T.E.P. course bringing the two together which both are the means of achieving a win-win situation.


I took the STEP Parenting Program offered by Len to help develop my parenting skills. The program was easy to understand, and I was immediately able to apply it in my relationship with my daughter. I saw positive results that have had a lasting impact. Additionally, I was also able to use the fundamentals I leaned from STEP in my career, my marriage, and my friendships. I would recommend this program to anyone interested in growing their interpersonal relationships. ​​​
Emil G., Birmingham, AL

The Parenting course gave me many guidelines and principles that I still try and use with my children and our family. It is a semi technical reconditioning process that helps parents reprogramming their thinking from danger and fight or flight to analyze and report on a child's misbehavior - a real game changer for me. I enjoyed the parenting course and working with Len.
Aaron W., Birmingham, AL