StEP UP to

Jesus' plan for having harmonious and loving families 



St. Augustine said, "You have made us for yourself, O Lord, and our heart is restless until it rest in you." We all want the "good" as an end result; it's the "means" that's the problem?  We are born for the "good," but how do we attain it? Most are pursing "worldly means" to get it; e.g., a good college, a good marriage, a good job, etc. They are trying to find the "good" with "wordly means'."  St. Paul tells us to take off the ''old man" of "wordly means" - put on the "new," the mind of Christ.

As the caregiver tries to parent the child with "wordly means," they both experience a lack - a "hole in the soul." It won't work. Most becomre passive and live with a concern for others,  in the effort to fill the lack through approval seeking, enabling, envy, etc. They live "down" to others"up." Life is frustrating.
Whe a child has been affirmed and has authentic self-love there is no"hole" to be filled - they live in a family of unconditional love. They hve learned the mind of Chrsit.
When we view these thoughts in light of the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy, we find the "yoke" easy and the burden light:

     Your child receives food drink, shelter,  
      clean clothing and health based on your
      attentipon and awareness - not the
      child's lack.

       Your child receives your words of
      comfort and encouragement, a sense
      of self-control, affirmation, and
      unconditional love - not your
       judgment and control.

With this first step, your child starts the move from the trust in you to child-like trust in God, as you pray together and share your faith in God

By Len Corcoran
Author - The Beatitutes 
9 Steps to self-Authentic Love
Webinar Facilitator